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Meet Ollie

The Duck Donuts Duckbassador

Many great brands have ambassadors, but Duck Donuts takes it one step further with our “Duckbassador”. Ollie is our fun and lovable mascot that you’ll find in our logo and elsewhere throughout our branding. Since our earliest days, he’s been watching our excited customers customize their donuts and create original masterpieces with our duckzillion coatings, sprinkles, and glazes. Ollie has been with us since day one and is a nod to our Duck, NC, roots.

You’ll find Ollie throughout all of our donut shops, and he even speaks his own language: Ducklish! Ducklish doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before, because our donuts don’t taste like anything you’ve had before! So stop by and customize a donut or two and see what we’re all about. And while you’re here, see if you can find Ollie, snap a photo, and tag him using #OllieLovesDonuts!

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